Zone of Interest


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Note: this film will be shown at

Haddenham Youth & Community Centre



Tuesday 25 June 2024 at 7.30pm


105 mins

Director:  Jonathn Glazer

Starring:  Christian Friedel, Sandra Huller, Johann Karthaus


German-occupied Poland, summer of 1943. More than anything, Hedwig, an indefatigable mother of five, wants to keep her well-organised life as is. After all, she has worked her fingers to the bone to create a fragrant slice of paradise to raise her children, and nothing will change that. If only her husband, the distinguished SS officer and Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess, weren't always burdened by his duties. But perfection is a fleeting illusion. As the oblivious life of the commandant's wife unravels in cloudless bliss, Rudolf finds himself swamped with work, saddled with testing a new ventilation design and overseeing the installation of a highly effective Topf and Sons multi-muffle, non-stop incineration oven system. Indeed, it's hard to imagine that just a hair's breadth away from the peaceful and idyllic Höss household, the unimaginable horrors of the Final Solution were unfolding in full swing. And as noisome fumes and muffled, blood-curdling noises blemish Hedwig's fragrant utopia, a question emerges. When evil becomes banal and apathy requires no effort, what separates man from beast?

Awards:  two Oscar wins and three nominations, two BAFTA wins and three nominations, four Cannes Film Festival wins and one nomination, three Golden Globes nominations 


"I left it shaken and stricken; it stayed with me, stubbornly, over the months that followed"  *****  OBSERVER

"It’s provocative in a deeply intelligent way"  *****  TIME OUT

"Glazer raises the question of how much suffering we are all willing to ignore, just because it's happening in another part of the world, or just outside our homes, or beyond our own zone of interest."  ***** BBC