Haddenham Screen reopens

Haddenham Screen is restarting its screenings after two years of inactivity. Although the primary cause of the shut down was, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic and the government restrictions flowing from it, there were also some local issues which have impacted us, particularly in the last six months.

Since 2016 when Haddenham Screen opened, we have used the Haddenham Youth & Community Centre as our venue. It has provided a suitable home of us with an audience capacity of one hundred and a good technical projection and audio configuration suitable for our needs. Over this period, we have been instrumental in working with the Centre's management company to provide comfortable seating, a hearing loop and techical improvements which enable ease of setting up the screenings.

However, during the shut down it became necessary for the management of the Centre to be transferred from the management company to Buckinghamshire Council which owns the building and land. As the Centre is located within the bounds of Haddenham Community Junior School, the Council is leasing the centre to the school who are now responsible for its use and management. 

The Junior School, whilst using the centre for its own purposes during the school day, is eager to continue the scheme of hiring out the rooms in the evenings and at weekends to local community groups. Haddenham Screen is very pleased to be able to continue using the Youth & Community Centre as our venue.

When preparing to reopen in early 2022, we discovered that the ceiling-mounted projector had become inoperable during the shut down, and needed to be replaced. As a non-profit-making group, Haddenham Screen did not have sufficient financial resources available to immediately replace the projector. However, Haddenham Parish Council has come to our rescue with a grant to provide a new projector and installation services, for which we are very grateful.

Haddenham Screen's fortnightly screenings will resume on Tuesday 24 May 2022. We hope tthat our faithful supporters from before the pandemic will start coming again to our screenings. In the last two years Haddenham and the other villages have all welcomed new residents and this growth is continuing. We hope that you will appreciate having a good Community Cinema on your doorstep, and will come along to try us out

See you there!