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Note: this film will be shown at

Haddenham Youth & Community Centre


Tuesday 25 June at 7.30pm


84 mins

Director:  Charlotte Regan

Starring:  Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun, Harris Dickinson


This vibrant and inventive father-daughter comedy follows Georgie, a resourceful 12-year-old girl who secretly lives alone in her flat in a working class suburb of London following the death of her mother. She and her best friend Ali keep the social workers off her back by pretending to live with an uncle. Out of nowhere, her estranged father Jason arrives and forces her to confront reality. Georgie is stubbornly resistant to his efforts. As they adjust to their new circumstances, Georgie and Jason find that they both still have a lot of growing up to do. 

Scrapper is full of spirit, humour, and formal inventiveness that sets it apart from much of British working-class cinema. Dickinson and remarkable newcomer Campbell imbue irresistible charm into this moving and frequently hilarious story of two emotionally tangled people: a grieving kid thrust into adulthood and a father in over his head.

Awards: Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival, one nomination at BAFTAS


"Scrapper is a solar system of a film, with Campbell’s playful and defiant Georgie shining bright at its centre. You’ll not find many characters this year quite as likeable" ****  INDEPENDENT

"If you appreciate no-frills finesse, you’ll be floored." **** EVENING STANDARD

"As engagingly scrappy as its name suggests — both pugnacious and fragmentary — Scrapper has plenty going for it." ****  FINANCIAL TIMES