Past Lives


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Tuesday  23 January 2024 at 7.30pm


105 mins

Director:  Celine Song

Starring:  Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, John Magaro


In Korea, Na Young, a girl and Hae Sung, a boy are school mates and good friends. They often walk back home together after school. Na Young moves to Canada and then to New York with her parents. Hae Sung continues living in Korea, does his engineering course, goes through a short spell of military service and then takes up a job. Both keep in touch periodically through video chats where they talk of their past and general stuff. Meanwhile in New York, Na has changed her name to Nora, made a name as a playwright and is happily married to Arthur, an American. Hae is keen to meet Nora and visits her in New York where he spends some time with her and Arthur. What has the future in store for Nora and Hae in their relationship?

Awards:  Berlin Film Festival (Best Film)


"A spine-tingling romance of lost chances"  *****  GUARDIAN

"Oscar-tipped drama is original, wry and hauntingly tender"  ***** EVENING STANDARD

"This wondrous debut is the finest love story of the year"  ***** DAILY TELEGRAPH