Petite Maman 

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Tuesday 19 July 2022 at 8pm

Haddenham Youth & Community Centre


1 hr 13 mins

 French, with English sub-titles


Director:     Celine Sciamma

Starring:     Joséphine Sanz, Gabrielle Sanz, Nina Meurisse, Stéphane Varupenne, Margot Abascal


Full Synopsis:

The much-anticipate latest treasure from Celine Sciamma, Petite Maman is a sublime modern fairytale about the quiet wonder of mother-daughter relationships. After the death of her beloved grandmother, eight year old Nellie meets a mysterious friend in the woods. Together they embark on a fantastical journey of discovery which helps Nelly come to terms with this newfound loss. A favourite of the 2021 Berlin Film Festival, Siamma's new masterwork examines childhood, memory and loss with a typically delicate touch, elegantly weaved together into an enchanting and moving depiction of love and acceptance.





The Guardian       "The acclaimed French director has created another gem with this magical story of a young girl coming to terms with her grandmother’s death"

Empire Magazine  "A story even more delicate and moving than Sciamma's last effort, this takes an unusual and thoughtful look at girlhood, motherhood and friendship. It's enchanting."